February 22, 2023

Day schedule

Register for the Wednesday evening event here. The AI incubators event must be booked separately via Enterprise Educators UK.  Please note a waiting list is now being operated for this event.

Incubators have become particularly relevant in an era of growing digital innovation – whose complexity may well demand multiple forms of support. This is especially so with developments in artificial intelligence, which are making inroads across sectors and disciplines, from engineering to life sciences. This all day event will take place in-person and is being run in collaboration with Enterprise Educators UK. It will address such questions as: How should universities support such businesses, particularly when they may be working with technologies in a range of specialist disciplinary areas? How do they balance the need for guidance in enterprise and entrepreneurship with highly technical demands related to underlying technologies and application areas? Places are limited and may be chargeable if your institution is not an EEUK member. All bookings should be made via Enterprise Educators. Please note that a waiting list is now in operation.

Many of the most impressive developments in Health and Life Sciences are now happening outside of the lab as part of the world of data and digital innovation. In this panel, led by Brookes' Dr Tjeerd olde Scheper, a Reader in Computer Science, will discuss how developments such as drug discovery and protein seqeuncing are being impacting by technologies such as AI, and what this means for science, business and skills development. Also on the panel are Dr Aadil El-Turabi from the Jenner Institute, Andrea Borghetto from Perspectrum Ltd and Steven Zimmer from Epicombi.AI Therapeutics. Post your questions here for the panel.