February 23, 2023

Day schedule

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The transport industry is on the edge of a transformation: Smart, connected, self-driving vehicles present an opportunity to significantly enhance road safety, and bring efficiency improvements. Tomorrow’s vehicles depend upon a network of interconnected AI systems, which this talk will outline - highlighting the outstanding challenges to achieve fully smart, connected, self-driving transportation. Chaired by Dr Rachel Wang and led by Dr Andrew Bradley, with the support of Dr Alex Rast and Dr Aduen Benjumea, the session will showcase some of the work Brookes has been doing in the field, the achievements made by our student teams and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead in the field of autonomous driving. Post your questions here for the panel. 

            With digital data and advanced technology being embedded into more and more products and processes, there is an ever-expanding division of

                         labour in today's workforce. So what skills will individuals and organisations need for the near and longer term? How can they equip themselves for

                         their roles in the different industries in which they operate? Led by Brookes Professor Fabio Cuzzolin, this panel includes Dr Bill Mitchell of the 

                         British Computer Society, Professor Rachid Hourizi, Director of the Institute of Coding at the University of Bath, and Sarah Quinton, Professor of

                         Digital Society at Oxford Brookes. Post your questions here for the panel.