February 20, 2023

Day schedule

At a glance:

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Join the organisers, including AIDAN Chair Dr Paul Jackson, for an overview of the week  and what to expect. This session will also say a bit more about the AI and Data Analysis Network (AIDAN) at Brookes and how to get involved. Post your questions here for the panel. 

Text is one of our main interfaces with computers, and AI technologies allow us to understand text in new ways.  Computers can process large textual corpora, including digitised texts from the past, and contemporary scientific articles.  Current challenges that our speakers will discuss include emotion detection in dialogue, and the changing meaning of words.  The session will consist of two short keynote talks from Professor Sophia Ananiadou, Director of the National Centre for Text Mining, and Dr Barbara McGillivray, Lecturer in Digital Humanities and Cultural Computation at King's College London — both also Turing Fellows at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Post your questions here for the panel.

To understand where developments in AI and machine learning might be going, it makes sense to understand a bit more about what these concepts mean and how the technologies we use today have come about. In this scene-setting session, Tjeerd old Scheper will be joined, among others, by Brookes' Professor Hong ZhuPost your questions here for the panel.

In this panel, Brookes' Professor of Equality and Diversity Management, Simonetta Manfredi, and Marina Jirotka, Oxford University's Professor of Human-Centre Computing, will be joined by others in the field to discuss how to improve the diversity of the AI workforce and what the benefits might be of more inclusive forms of participation. Post your questions here for the panel.

This panel will look at how AI is changing the way we create and consume a range of content, from music and visual art, to film and literature. Led by Professor of Literature Alex Goody and including Senior Lecturer in Publishing Media Dr Miriam Johnson, Danielle van Lier of SAG-AFTRA and Manas Bhatia of Ant Studio, the panel will discuss how best to embrace AI technologies in creating and performing art, and what the future landscape might look like for artists, writers and producers as their work becomes more technology enabled. Post your questions here for the panel.